Favourites with a certain something.

RitaDesign produces favourites. Each piece is unique - and all of them are simply beautiful. RitaDesign sews what she likes. Wonderful fabrics, worked with her unique and unparalleled stitch - and always with the certain something.

Clients of RitaDesign take a stand. The individual style of each piece underlines the uniqueness of the wearer. The color palette reaches from luminescent compositions to understating elegance. RitaDesign features the perfect favourite for every sentiment and occasion.

The collection distinguishes from mass production: design and quality stand in the fore. This is how RitaDesign takes her place in a market for people with self-confidence who look for individuality and the latest in fashion design combined with the highest quality standards.

The label RitaDesign was created in 1982 by Rita Dauag-Bleisch. Ever since, she has designed, produced and distributed hats and bags, scarfs and crewnecks along with accessories like wristlets and headbands.